Moved to Microlab!

My workshop at Microlab, Strijp S

Some time ago I posted about my intention to move to better location for my workshop. Starting September 4th 2017 I’m a proud member of the Microlab community at Strijp S!

Microlab is a place where different kinds of makers have their own studios and at the same time share spaces for the bigger tools, such as a big table saw, welding equipment and other expensive, space consuming equipment. In Microlab we’ve got people making art, furniture, bicycles, cosplay suits, etc. etc. It is a very inspiring place with open minded, creative people who are not working for the same company, but are always ready to help eachother out. 

In my own studio, I’ve created a very pleasant and efficiĆ«nt environment with all the tools I need within reach. It’s really become my second home. Maybe even my first…

I like to be liked.

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