Sies Stadhouders of C#Customs in his workshop

My name is Sies Stadhouders and I am the person behind C-Sharp Customs.
I am a technically creative, open minded person with a love for making exceptional, high quality items from wood.

Working for a large tech company (ASML) for almost 10 years has taught me how to efficiently design and produce high quality products. After gaining this experience I’ve been working for 5 years as a teacher/coach/team leader in a social workshop called “Uit de Buurtfabriek“, making custom furniture with unemployed volunteers wanting to grow back into society.

Next to this, I run a small business helping people realize their dream products from wood (and sometimes plastics). I run a CNC milling machine which I’ve vastly improved over the years to make it faster and more accurate. I make prototypes, small series and occasionally I just advise or perform the task that cannot be done by my customers. 

Over the years I’ve made a wide array of different products. From tables, chairs and cabinets, to skateboards, electric guitars and art pieces. I like to be challenged.

Please contact me if you want my help with the following:

  • Accurate CNC services in wood or plastic
  • Making custom furniture to your specification
  • Tutoring you in creating your own wooden furniture
  • Design advice related to the manufacturing of your product