Blend pot in combination with 3-way switch

Since some people want to be able to adjust the mix between the bridge and neck pickup, blend pots are available. A blend pot makes it possible to combine two signals and leaking each one of the signals to ground, depending on which direction you turn the dial. This allows you to for instance play with 100% neck signal and 50% bridge signal. If that happens to float your boat. 
Because a customer of mine wanted to have this mix option, but didn’t want to use the blend pot to go to the 100% neck and 100% bridge positions, I’ve figured out how to combine a blend pot with a 3-way switch. It took me quite some time (and in the end some help from the world wide web) to figure out how to wire it. In the name of efficiency for the visitors of my website, here’s the schematic for this functionality!

You will need an “On/On/On 4PDT” switch to make this happen. I found it quite challenging to find one. In the end I found one made by a brand called MEC. For instance Warwick sells them. 
Check if the switch you order acts in the same way as the switch pictured here, before you start soldering (different versions exist, adjust the wiring accordingly). The dark grey lines connecting the connection points of the switch indicate the internal switching. 

Good luck!

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  1. Very cool! I just did this myself with a DiMarzio 4PDT (EP1111) switch that has slightly different internal switching in the middle position. BTW you can leave the earth cross connection off of the blend pot for a slightly brighter sound.

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