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C# first prototype

This guitar is the first guitar built by C# Customs. The body is made from wood taken from a second hand dining table and second hand Fender Texas Special pickups. The body shape is custom designed, inspired by a Telecaster, but with a slightly softer shape. A small groove is made in the top face, close to the edge, to give it a subtle decoration. The neck is taken from a DIY guitar kit.
Meant as a test for making the first body with my CNC mill, this build turned out so well that I’ve decided to finish it completely and it is now my main guitar.

More pictures of this guitar can be found in the gallery.

I like to be liked.

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  1. Henk July 3, 2017

    More pictures!!!! Looks awesome!

    • Sies - C# Customs July 3, 2017 — Post Author

      Thank you Henk! In the blog post, I’ve now added a link to the gallery, where more pictures of this guitar can be found. Of course, you’re also more than welcome to come and see it in real life. I might even let you play it ;-).

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